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JEROFIL ‘s line of operations encompasses the concepts of crushing, treatment and selection of aggregates, recycling and spare parts.

Lugar do Monte, Aguela ou Tomada Lote 8/9 Oleiros

4730-321 Vila Verde. Braga - Portugal

P. (+351) 253 282 722

F. (+351) 253 282 728



Jerofil Khader Trading is directed to import and export, with a collaboration with Jerabed Transitários


As an integral part of JEROFIL there is JEROFIL KHADER TRADING.

This is directed at import and export, both in terms of sales of consumables as well as facilities and maintenance of structures.

Through JEROFIL KHADER TRADING it is possible to put at the disposal of the customers all kinds of items, as you can see below, of various sizes, with screw from M3 to M55.

For industries, including extractive, JEROFIL provides all kinds of components and assistance in order to better serve customers.

The realization of studies and specific projects is something that JEROFIL is also enabled, as it is also for the commercialization and assembly of all electrical components, from contactors, variable speed drives, electrical cables and everything related to Motorization and movement.


To better meet our needs as well as our customers and new customers, JEROFIL expanded its range on October 25, 2017 with the opening of a new company in the area of freight forwarders.


JERABED Transitários, Lda.

Avenida Mario Brito, 4142 – sala 233

4455-266 Perafita, Lavra e Santa Cruz do Bispo

NIF: 514614072


PHONE: (+351) 224 103 718; (+351) 224 103 719

FAX: (+351) 224 103 720

MOBILE PHONE: (+351) 933 189 172; (+351) 933 189 180

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Bonfitec is dedicated to the commercialization of transmission and power materials, representing for Portugal, and in exclusive, the internationally recognized brand BONFIGLIOLI, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of speed reducers, transmission systems, positioning and control.

Bonfitec, in collaboration with Bonfiglioli, implemented the Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team (BEST) program, which represents the most modern sales organization in the transmission and power market.

Through specific agreements, the Bonfiglioli Best program allows JEROFIL to have the capacity and the know-how to assemble the various equipments marketed using Bonfiglioli brand products and receiving all the support from the manufacturer for the development of our activity.

To customers an efficient and efficient service, with quality and speed.

Due to the successful collaboration between JEROFIL and BONFITEC, it is possible for JEROFIL KHADER TRADING to market and distribute various products for the Angolan market, of which the following stand out:

– Epicicloidae gear recovery;
– Reducers wheel and crown and screw s/fim;
– Coaxial reducers;
– Parallel gear reducers;
– Precision and orthogonal reducers:
– Eletric Motors and Couplings;
– Frequency and mechanical variables;
– Photovoltaic inverters;
– Linear and rotary actuators.